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Today, it is impossible to do without network cameras when using modern video surveillance systems. Since they provide the ability to remotely access and view the recording online, from anywhere in the world.

To ensure the safety of both businesses and residential premises, it is recommended to install video surveillance systems.

Almost all modern network video surveillance cameras operate on open IP standards and, therefore, can connect to any IP network, including the World Wide Web.


What are video surveillance systems made of?

To organize a video surveillance system, you need the following standard set of devices:

- set of IP cameras

- switch

- IP-video recorder/video surveillance server.


Based on the requirements for the functionality of the system, a server or IP-video recorder for cameras is selected.

The IP NVR is suitable for video storage and data processing with a small number of cameras.

The video surveillance server is designed for a larger amount of data and a number of video cameras, as well as for implementing action algorithms without outside interference.