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A fire detector is a technical device that is installed in order to prevent or notify about the fire of an object or fire. The device emits characteristic signals and turns on automatic fire extinguishing.

Most often, detectors inform about their state by transmitting a signal to the fire alarm loop.

When the physical parameters of the room change due to a fire, a signal is sent to the detector and thus the device detects a fire or fire. Compared to sensors, a fire detector is not a measuring instrument.

Types of apothecaries.

Heat detectors. Such a fire fighting device is sensitive to an increase in heat energy in the room. Also, the advantage of this device is that it does not react to ionizing/electromagnetic radiation/exposure, other technological interference, the presence of moisture, dust, gas pollution in the air space of the premises where they are installed.

Perfect for rooms or buildings that are a warehouse for a larger amount of raw materials, goods, etc., in connection with which, during a fire, the air temperature will rise rather than steam.

Smoke detectors. Such a device detects signs of fire when there are smoke particles in the air. It is used most often for residential and public premises, where the cause of a fire most often occurs during a fire (finishing furniture, documentation, clothing, etc.)