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The most popular way to protect premises and territories today are video surveillance cameras, which differ in such characteristics as ease of use, remote access, efficiency, multitasking.

Cameras can be subdivided according to their functionality and structural properties into two large groups (indoor and outdoor) and types,

such as:

- domed or cylindrical;

- analog or digital.

When choosing a surveillance video camera, it is recommended to pay attention not only to its type, but also to such characteristics as:

- matrix photosensitivity (measured in Lux);

- image resolution (number of TV lines);

- type of lens and its focal length;

- operating temperature and humidity range, at which the camera can effectively perform its functions.

For outdoor video surveillance, it is recommended to use lenses with an automatic diaphragm. One of the advantages of this type of camera is that it can be controlled automatically depending on the lighting. For observing moving objects, it is best to choose cameras equipped with a focal length lens and pan type cameras.